Moldo Ashuu pass

Moldo Ashuu Pass

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Moldo Ashuu pass is interesting location on the Kyrgyzstan map is on a path that leads to the mountain Son Kul Lake. Even those who have only made one trip here agree that the pass is among the most picturesque locations in the state.
Periodically, the route to the pass becomes a serpentine one. Due to the steep slope, Moldo Ashuu is also difficult to descend. However, from this vantage point, you can take in the breathtaking scenery of peaks and gorges, enormous glaciers, and the exquisite beauty of centuries-old fir trees that grow on the summits’ slopes.

Moldo Ashuu pass

How long is Moldo Ashuu Pass?

From Kara-Oi(it is on south part of Son Kol lake), the scenic Son-Kul lake is 45.6 kilometers (28.33 miles) away. However, the road up to this pass is not for the faint of heart. This route is difficult and requires 4WD vehicles exclusively. It winds through unpaved areas and continually twists into narrow serpentines next to the Kurtka River Canyon.

Moldo-Ashuu is without a doubt regarded as one of the most picturesque passes in Kyrgyzstan. Its panoramic vistas are certainly appealing, but what really makes it stand out is the thrilling journey, particularly from the south. Nine hairpin corners that cling to steep hillsides will be navigated by drivers, testing their confidence and competence.

Views of the twisting road leading up to the pass are nearly full from the peak, where they open up gloriously. There are several of panoramic spots that make for great photo opportunity. Gorgeous views of the Naryn Valley, majestic mountain ranges to the south, valleys, ice-capped summits, and slopes thickly covered with tall pine trees are all part of this stunning region. These components come together, along with the dense, rolling fog, to provide an atmosphere that is both magical and bizarre.

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